Meet The Film Buds!


Henry Faherty

Henry is the creator and lead host of The Film Buds Podcast. He is a film graduate and loves talking cinema, listening to Green Day, and managing The Film Buds’ website and social media.

Favorite Films: Mad Max: Fury Road, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009), The Place Beyond the Pines, Monsters, Inc., mother!, and Inherent Vice.

Other Contributors (Current and Past):

Braden Stone

Jacob Bowers

Jacob Swafford

Kayley Peters

Henry Wilkinson

Dr. Gary HS Strauss

Jeremy Howell

Paul Davis

Jemma Strauss

Sam DeFilipp

Kyra Yarborough

Sky Tilley

Jessica Rule

Will Davies

Anna Claire Mauney

Chloe Strauss

Chloe is the second co-host of the podcast, having started on Episode 5. She’s also a masterful painter and potter, and spends her time teaching her skills to adolescents. She met Daniel Radcliffe, too.

Favorite Films: The Harry Potter franchise, Miss Stevens, BlacKkKlansman, Paper Moon, Lady Bird, Shall We Dance?, and The Departed.