Guess What? We Love Movies!

The Film Buds Podcast was started by Henry Faherty back in June 0f 2016. His good buddy Braden Stone joined him and the two began doing weekly podcasts on new and old movies, plus everything in between. When Episode 5 came along, Henry met Chloe Strauss who first appeared on the show as a guest but then soon became a permanent member of the podcast. As of January 2019, Braden is no longer a host as he moved away to pursue his own personal career (sobs). Nevertheless, Henry and Chloe (plus plenty of great buddies) come on each and every week to talk cinema.

Our show is quite relaxed in nature, which is exactly the way we like it. Our conversations are always wacky and fun, but we still maintain a focus on movies. While we may occasionally go off-topic, our typical episode structure goes something like this:

Intros: Daily Life Chatter (Weird Incidents, Gossip, Anything is Possible)

Reviews: New Movie of the Week

Retro Reviews: Older Films Connecting to the New One Somehow (same director, actor, genre)

News: Movie and Television News (Trailers, Casting, Scandals, etc.)

Listener Questions: Messages Sent to Us by People Like You! (

Picks of the Week: Personal Recommendations (Movies, TV, Books, Music, Podcasts)

Outros: See Ya’ Next Time!

It’s weird, it’s wacky, but we can’t get enough of it! Check us out at any of the links below:




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